FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Norwich, Connecticut — August 22, 2023

FC Development Corp., a management and development entity for the Farmer’s Cow brand of companies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Hayes as the Director – Operations & Training, at The Farmer’s Cow Calfé & Creamery. With a distinguished 16-year career in the food service and restaurant industry, Hayes brings unparalleled expertise and a wealth of knowledge to not just the organization’s Calfe & Creamery Group, but also adds tremendous value to the entire Brand and its comprehensive pathways of expansion and growth.

Throughout his illustrious career, Hayes has made significant contributions in various renowned establishments, including Big Bubba’s BBQ, Lansdowne Irish Pub, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. His journey commenced at Big Bubba’s, where he cultivated essential skills and disciplines crucial for thriving in a fast-paced kitchen environment. Subsequently, he made remarkable strides at Lansdowne Irish Pub, ascending to the esteemed position of Sous Chef while mastering the intricate sciences of food preparation, and building a comprehensive understanding of back-of-house operations.

Hayes was then recruited into a position with front-of-house and management responsibilities as Assistant Kitchen Manager and interim GM, at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, where he demonstrated remarkable prowess in the administrative aspects of the business and in developing and conducting corporate training programs. Throughout this tenure, he skillfully harmonized restaurant demands with the needs of his team, fostering an environment of vibrancy, efficiency, and exceptional guest experiences. His unwavering dedication and exceptional performance earned him the prestigious opportunity to lead the original Margaritaville in Key West, Florida, for an impressive 6 1/2 years.

In his role as Director – Operations & Training, Hayes is leveraging his extensive experience and exemplary leadership skills to drive operational excellence and foster employee development. His expertise in evaluating software-driven systems for data and analytics will serve to set the stage for multi-unit processes and operational consistency, effectively blending hands-on team member training and performance with the granular development of cost-of-goods-sold (COGS), and evaluation of variances and distribution channels. Additionally, he provides key perspectives and lessons-learned regarding culinary understanding and the association with the Farmer’s Cow brand and its vision and mission.

“Daniel has immediately become the perfect person we have been seeking,” said FC Development Corp. Chief Development Officer, Steve Lane. “His positive impact on the team, both corporate and with the Calfé team members, has been truly remarkable. Everyone sees how much he brings to the table, but more importantly, we all recognize how much he genuinely cares about each person’s individual success, just as much as the company’s success.”

He will play a pivotal role in implementing effective training programs, ensuring that the Calfé staff is equipped with the requisite skills to deliver unparalleled experiences to our cherished patrons, and help to facilitate an in-house system for promotion and growth opportunities aligned with the growth and expansion objectives of the overall Brand, while maintaining a continuous focus on the Brand identity and legacy.

“Daniel exemplifies the utmost professionalism and possesses unwavering character, making him an invaluable addition to our team,” said FC Development Corp. CEO, Edwin Molina. “His commitment to excellence and culture aligns perfectly with our organization’s core values, and we see him growing into a long-term and pivotal role as we continue to expand and establish The Farmer’s Cow as a nationwide brand.”

About FC Development Corp.:

FC Development Corp. functions as a premier management and development entity for the esteemed Farmer’s Cow brand of companies, partnering with the Farmer’s Cow collective of six Connecticut-based family farms. The company leads The Farmer’s Cow Calfé & Creamery collection of restaurants and kiosks, serving local and regional communities throughout nine states, including New England.

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