Media Release – October 25th, 2022Connecticut, USA

The Farmer’s Cow announced today its completion of negotiations with independent Connecticut-based Full Service Markets for the hosting of the Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery within a number of their Markets located on Connecticut’s roadways. The recently finalized agreement calls for the Farmer’s Cow, in partnership with the Full Service Markets’ owners, to initially co-locate and co-operate one of the company’s Calfes & Creameries in Unionville, Connecticut, on Farmington Avenue.  The required build-outs, including staffing, logistics system management, and training are scheduled for completion for November of this year.

“In researching all of the possible partnering and franchise options available to us over this past year, we loved the fact that the Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery had both great food and great ice cream,” said Markets’ owner, Marwan Tawfik. “And the fact that it is a part of the local Farmer’s Cow brand, sourced from local farms supporting local communities and economies, made it the perfect choice for us.”

The Farmer’s Cow brand sources the freshest and healthiest products from not only their own Collective-based family farms, but also from other select local farms engaged in sustainable farming practices whom provide local lettuce, local bacon and pulled pork, local fruits, and local one-of-a-kind drinks including their signature Fruit Shots – always sourcing the highest quality local ingredients – and securing and operating distribution channels that include their own fast-casual, farm-to-table calfes and kiosks, as well as regional and national chains and grocery stores (including Whole Foods, Stop & Shop and Big Y). The Farmer’s Cow Collective is also leading the farming industry in the development of innovative technologies and environmental sustainability – from developing new pollution capturing processes to producing clean energy systems that can power and fund numerous projects and programs – their own as well as community-based organizations seeking clean and renewable energy.

The Farmer’s Cow and the Markets’ owners are next scheduled to co-locate a Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery at numerous additional Markets located throughout Connecticut.

“Our next deployment with the Markets’ owners is already scheduled for build-out and co-operation, and all that that entails,” stated Edwin Molina, FC Development Corp., and Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery CEO.  “Once we finalize the physical build-out and officially engage in the co-operation of the Unionville location in November, we then will initiate the co-location and co-operation of the Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery at a number of additional Markets in eastern, southern, and western Connecticut – following that with additional locations throughout all of the state.”  Further expansion of this partnership is being planned not just in Connecticut but also in other areas throughout New England and beyond.

“We are continually exploring new avenues of community support and sustainable development with all of our operations,” further remarked Tawfiq. “And having a partner like the Farmer’s Cow and all that their combined companies bring to the table in regard to food sustainability, environmental sustainability, energy sourcing and pollution abatement – combined with an unparalleled record of community service initiatives – supports both on-the-ground and high-level applications of our combined vision, mission, and goals.”


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FC Development Corp. functions as a management and development entity for the Farmer’s Cow brand of companies, partnering with the Farmer’s Cow Collective of six Connecticut-based family farms, and leading the Farmer’s Cow Calfé & Creamery collection of restaurants and kiosks. The Farmer’s Cow, originally established in 2003, in Connecticut, serves many local and regional communities throughout nine states, including throughout New England.