Media Release — Norwich, Connecticut – March 10, 2022


FC Development Corp. announced today that it has promoted Steven Lane, the company’s former Vice President of Development, to the executive-level position of Chief Development Officer (CDO). FC Development Corp. functions as a management and development entity for the Farmer’s Cow brand of companies, partnering with the Farmer’s Cow collective of six Connecticut-based family farms, and leading the Farmer’s Cow Calfé & Creamery collection of restaurants and kiosks. The Farmer’s Cow, originally established in 2003, in Connecticut, serves many local and regional communities throughout nine states, including throughout New England.

The Farmer’s Cow brand sources the freshest and healthiest products from their own (and their partners’) farms – securing and operating distribution channels that include their own fast-casual, farm-to-table calfés and kiosks, as well as regional and national chains and grocery stores (including Whole Foods, Stop & Shop and Big Y). The Farmer’s Cow collective is also leading the farming industry in the development of innovative technologies and environmental sustainability – from developing new pollution capturing processes to producing clean energy systems that can power and fund numerous projects and programs – their own as well as community-based organizations seeking clean and renewable energy.

Lane has been integral to redeveloping the FC Development Corp. and its organizational structure, and identifying areas of improvement and best industry practices in support of its operational growth, market cultivation and leveraging, and increased restaurant and kiosk footprints and overall sales.  Lane brings to the FC Development Corp., and the entire Farmer’s Cow brand of companies, a unique record of success in team-building and business development. His operational work and marketing and sales expertise served to set the stage for the company’s upcoming growth and expansion initiatives.

A stand-out athlete and multiple award winner (All-American and All-New England NCAA Lacrosse designations) throughout his college career, including Two-Time Team Captain, Three-Time First Team LEC Defenseman, Two-Time Defensive MVP, and LEC Defensive Player of the Year; Steve graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2009, and continued his lacrosse career, honing his skills and gaining extensive playing and coaching expertise internationally in Germany, England, and Australia — prior to his return to the US to concentrate on coaching, training (including fundamental and advanced techniques and curriculum development), youth and sport development, advanced recruiting and placement, and small business performance and improvement – thus leading Steve to become one of the most successful and sought after coaches in Southern California.

FC Development Corp. CEO, Edwin Molina, said about Lane, “From his success in collegiate sports to his development of disruptive and precedent-setting life-lessons that serve youth both on and off the field; from his creation and support of socially and environmentally-aware businesses to his formation and operation of non-profit organizations that blend real-life awareness with the highest levels of individual character, and a constant pursuit of organizational excellence – Steve has brought to the Farmer’s Cow the exact traits, lessons-learned, and best practices that our company and partnered organizations need to continue to enact change and best serve our combined interests and our communities.

FC Development Corp. Corporate Headquarters: 55 Main Street; Suite 370, Norwich, Connecticut, 06360; Email info@fcdevcorp.com