The Farmer's Cow Creamery Southport, CT

The Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery Creates New Partnership on Connecticut’s Gold Coast

FC Development Corp. announced today its partnership with the Connecticut Gold Coast’s iconic super gourmet market, Garelick & Herbs.  Like The Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery, Garelick & Herbs is a Connecticut-based success story – first established in 1993 and headquartered with its signature super gourmet market in Southport, the company has another gourmet market in Greenwich, and hosts and serves events at select venues and locations throughout the Connecticut and New York City/Manhattan areas – consistently earning a reputation for excellence, great food, and a widely-eclectic variety of menu and product offerings.

The Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery, with its flagship store in Mansfield, was a Top Ten Restaurant Award Winner of this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards for Connecticut Magazine; and is in the process of expanding its Calfes and Creameries throughout Connecticut. The Calfes and Creameries serve as support for the Farmer’s Cow brand of its farm-fresh, farm-to-table product line already sold throughout distribution centers and numerous supermarket and grocery stores in New England – and as the prime focus in building out the Farmer’s Cow and its operations on a truly national scale.

“Having Garelick & Herbs recognize our own commitment to Connecticut’s farms and farmland allowed us to make the Summer of 2022 the perfect time for our company’s first launch into the Connecticut Gold Coast,” remarked Farmer’s Cow Calfe & Creamery CEO, Edwin Molina.  “We’re extremely excited – this relationship provides us with an outstanding opportunity to offer our farm-fresh dairy and ice cream through one of our Creameries within the Garelick & Herbs flagship in Southport.   This partnership benefits both of our businesses through a complementary offering of fresh, farm-to-table, sustainable food and other products, and allows us to better serve each of our own, and surrounding, communities.”

Garelick & Herbs has long served its community and neighborhood base, and has been a major driving factor behind numerous community foundation events and fundraisers – from small local organizations and charities such as the Local Mom’s Network or Jewish Family Services, to large regional and national organizations like the United Way and its local beneficiaries.

The Farmer’s Cow maintains a dedicated farmland preservation charitable program whereby over 3,500 acres in Connecticut, to date, have been officially preserved and protected; and is engaged in developing environmental sustainability and pollution control/carbon abatement projects and programs.  Both partners to this agreement are further pursuing a variety of co-development projects and programs beneficial to each party and each community they together affect.

“We believe in doing good with food – ‘Good Food, Good Mood’ is a major focus of our business,” said Jason Garelick, Co-Founder and CEO of Garelick & Herbs. “And as we came to know the Farmer’s Cow and the company’s owners, management team and staff, we recognized that we all share a commitment to excellence and to serve.  I believe leadership through service is a true path to success – and seeing my family’s own passion in running our business and serving the community mirrored by the members of the Farmer’s Cow, fills me with pride and good will for our combined future.”

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