The Farmer’s Cow featured in Connecticut’s Largest and Most Historic Media Publication

Media Release – October 13, 2023  Norwich, Connecticut, USA

The Hartford Courant, one of the premier news publications in Connecticut, headquartered in the State’s Capital city, is also the oldest newspaper in continuous operation in the United States.  Its most recent daily edition, published on October 12, 2023, showcased a feature article highlighting and describing the achievements of the Farmer’s Cow and its brand of companies and supportive projects and programs in place, and planned for its future.

Journalist Maddi Langweil interviewed The Farmer’s Cow chairman, Jim Smith, and FC Development Corp. Chief Development Officer, Steve Lane, to discuss the history of the Farmer’s Cow; its development of the many aspects of its Brand’s operations; and the foundation being built for its future programs, projects, and community support initiatives.

Some excerpts and quotes from the article here below.

“Originally, The Farmer’s Cow was a coalition of six farms that united as a lobbying group advocating for open spaces and farmland preservation. We began hosting farm tours, and consistently, as guests departed, they’d inquire ‘Where can we purchase your milk?’ said James Smith, chairman of The Farmer’s Cow. “Recognizing a recurring theme, we convened and established a cooperative known as The Farmer’s Cow.”

“Our overarching vision was, and still is, to create a statewide market for Connecticut’s milk and to extend support to other local farmers with a variety of products,” Smith said.

This quickly became a big endeavor that required external assistance. The business then established a relationship with FC Development Corp. to help The Farmer’s Cow achieve their ambitious goals. One of their aims is to offer a more comprehensive understanding covering the business and scientific aspects of agriculture and community-oriented importance, said Steven Lane, chief development officer at FC Development Corp.

“We’ve started the educational process by working with local schools, donating ice cream through special school events, featuring Farmer’s Cow ice cream to introduce our brand,” Lane said. “From there, the aim is to integrate aspects of agriculture, sustainability, and food production into school curricula with the schools, based on their initiatives.”

“What truly resonates with me, however, is the deep connection we forged with the public through this expansion. It cast a spotlight on agriculture, giving us a platform to showcase not just our farm but also other small, family-run farms, and our ethical animal care practices,” Smith said. “Many people are largely uninformed about the complex journey from farm to grocery store shelf—be it milk, vegetables, or any other food product. This was our opportunity to demystify what it really takes to bring food to the table.”

With help from FC Development Corp, the Farmer’s Cow has the ability to amplify their initiative while continuing to tell their story and maintain their mission.

“In terms of the wider organization as whole, we’re committed to ensuring that every team member understands the core essence of this initiative—the grassroots ethos that underpins all we do – and building that into all aspects to support the Farmer’s Cow brand,” Lane said.

As the business continues to expand from the Calfé, six farms and products in store, Smith and the Farmer’s Cow team are also thinking about expanding outside of Connecticut, but with a sustainable mindset.

“As we contemplate expanding into other states and enlarging our service area, our goal is also to integrate farms local to those new markets. It’s not about shipping our Connecticut products to distant locations; rather, it’s about adapting the cooperative model to support and uplift local agriculture in those regions,” Smith said. “In this way, we can expand the co-op while staying true to our core principle of promoting local, sustainable agriculture.”

Smith and Lane describe The Farmer’s Cow as “authentic” that allows people to trust the brand and support it. “What truly sets us apart is the brand’s underlying values, supported by the very people who form the backbone of our operation,” Lane said.

Another partnership FCDC has developed is with Project Imo in the Windham-Willimantic area, which complements the co-op’s educational efforts in that area. The business also works closely with local artisans like Craftsman Cliff Coffee Roasters and KD Crop Farms, incorporating their products into their offerings inside the restaurant menu.


To read the entire article from The Hartford Courant, click here.


For more information, contact: Steven Lane, Chief Development Officer at

FC Development Corp. functions as a management and development entity for the Farmer’s Cow brand of companies, partnering with the Farmer’s Cow Collective of six Connecticut-based family farms, and leading the Farmer’s Cow Calfé & Creamery collection of restaurants. The Farmer’s Cow, originally established in 2003, in Connecticut, serves many local and regional communities throughout nine states, including throughout New England.